Ideas for Summer Research 2011

B-ring style simulations

Just how much material is in the B-ring. It would be interesting to do some simulations where all we do is pile on material and see how far we can push this. I'd like to get information about possible particle size too. High optical depths can be had without too much surface density if the particles are small. It isn't clear what the surface density is in the B-ring so this is something worth playing with.

Keeler Gap

The Keeler gap needs to be revisited, especially in light of some of the results from the ring-plane crossing. Earlier work can be found here.

Moonlet Stability

This is for Crosby and is a continuation of what he has been working on.

Aggregate formation and adhesion

This will probably be mostly done by Josh. Information on this can be found here.

Hiding Silicates

There is more work to be done here for variations with optical depth. In addition to the wiki page there is more information here.

Negative Diffusion over Multiple Synodic Periods

This continues some early work that should come out in Icarus this year. The earlier work focused on what happens after a single pass by the moon. It is now being extended to multiple synodic periods. Other than organizing simulations, I'm not certain if we will be able to do enough simulations to go far with this before the end of the summer.