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Dr. Lewis's Research Group Wiki

This wiki is where my students post what they are doing in their research with me. Let's start with information on Dr. Lewis. This makes it easy for everyone involved to know what is going on.


Name Research Area Funding Year
Crosby Burdon Ring Dynamics NSF AAG 2010-2011
Cameron Swords Simulation Coding NSF AAG 2009-2010
Aaron Welch Optimizing Compilers none 2010-2011
Kerry Seitz Optimizable Bytecode Mach Fellowship 2010-2011
Kristen Lund Category Theory none 2010-2011
Ryan Tanner Natural Language Processing none 2010-2011
Tony Santosuosso Augmented Reality none 2010-2011
Allyson Ducey Ring Dynamics NSF AAG 2011
Gareth "Indy" Jones Ring Dynamics NSF AAG 2011
Zach Langbert GPGPU none 2012

Other Information:
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